About Us .

Shenzhen Myhand Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 created by YOUDO Group with millions expenses. Myhand Industrial Ltd committed to researching security smart household products. Under the brilliant leading of Ms Yuli wu, the director, Smart Eye I10 Officially launch with great effort of staff. I10 bring the visual security to every family.

Myhand has become the industry leader due to long time effort after taking over RUILONYUAN in 2008, which become our strong technical core back up

We has been developed from simple production line to a large enterprise that own Comprehensive planning, development, marketing in one; from a dozen people to a hundreds of people. The diligent staff in My hand use their passion, effort to promote the development of enterprise, promote the industry's progress. Safe household is our eternal topic.

Welcome to Shenzhen Myhand Industrial Co., Ltd.! Let’s create our dream.!